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Discovering Helsinki

May 24, 2021 | Finland

An itinerary to discover Helsinki and its flavors

In Helsinki, winter is long and cold and lasts almost five months. The temperature stays below zero from November to March.

A good reason to lock yourself in a good restaurant in the Capital of Finland and enjoy the specialties of Finnish cuisine! Some typical dishes are reindeer, served in different recipes, elk sausages and meatballs, Grillimakkara, which are giant sausages, and desserts made with Longonberry (cranberry sauce).

What to visit in Helsinki

Temppeliaukio Church and Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Starting from the western part of the City, you will encounter two religious places. The first, Temppeliaukio Church, is a special Lutheran Church carved into the rock. The second, Kamppi Chapel, is called the Chapel of Silence because they wanted to create a place where people could find peace and silence in the heart of the City.

Helsinki train station, Ateneum and Old Market Hall

Examples of the architecture of the city of Helsinki are the train station, the Ateneum and the old fish market. The train station is very particular, with its giant statues illuminated at night and the clock tower. To visit the old market where you can find many typical food stores.

Helsinki and Uspenskin Cathedrals

Helsinki Cathedral dominates the city’s skyline. White and imposing, it is at the center of the city skyline. Upsenskin Cathedral is the orthodox cathedral of Helsinki. It is very beautiful and decorated both inside and in the architecture of its facades. Particularly appreciable at night when it is illuminated.

Sea Fortress Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is an ancient sea fortress built on islands and the artillery, defensive walls and war museum are still there. It can be reached by ferry in about 20 minutes.

Flavors of Helsinki

Although Finnish cuisine is not among the best known in the world, its flavors can pleasantly surprise. Most of the restaurants are located around Helsinki Cathedral. Typical dishes often include reindeer and elk meat, such as reindeer fillet or stew with mashed potatoes and blueberry sauce and elk sausages or meatballs.

Very particular are also Kalakukko, baked fish baked in bread, and Grillimakkara, giant sausages. The typical desserts include the typical Longonberry, that is the tasty cranberry sauce.

Traditional recipes

Here are some recipes from the Finnish culinary tradition that we recommend:


Helsinki: a city on a human scale, tidy and quiet

Helsinki is a city on a human scale, which can be visited in a few hours, but that can surprise you for its order, but also for its restaurants and the hospitality of the people. The climate is often cold, but you can warm up in a good typical Finnish restaurant.

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