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Arezzo, in the hills of Val di Chiana rises the good Tuscan cuisine

Dec 7, 2021 | Italy

An itinerary in the small Tuscan city, among works of great Italian artists and good wine

Arezzo is a small town in the inner part of Tuscany, immersed in the beautiful hills of the Val di Chiana. From here over the centuries have passed great artists such as Piero Della Francesca and Cimabue. Arezzo, like all of Tuscany, is also famous for its cuisine and wines.

The city of Arezzo goes up and down, following the soft lines of its territory. It is rich in little artistic gems to discover. Besides this, it also offers tasty typical dishes and excellent Tuscan wine.

The typical dishes of Arezzo

Being in the Tuscan hinterland, the typical dishes of the city of Arezzo refer to meat, in particular Chianina. Chianina steak with anchovy and capers is one of the typical dishes, maybe to be matched with Chianti wine.

Other traditional dishes are pork livers and acquacotta, eggs beaten with onions and tomatoes. Scottiglia is an earthy caciucco with beef, chicken, farona and rabbit. The rabbit in porchetta and the grifi, veal snout with tomato, are other typical dishes of meat of Arezzo.

A walk of art in the historical center

Here’s what to see in a quick itinerary in the historical center of Arezzo, among historical beauties and wineries.

Basilica di San Francesco, Bacci Chapel and Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieve

Basilica of San Francesco in Arezzo is the first point of our itinerary because of its uniqueness. It is famous for the Stories of the True Cross, a cycle of frescoes by Piero Della Francesca found in the Bacci Chapel. It is fascinating both for the colors of the frescoes and for the stories told.

The Church of Santa Maria della Pieve is not far away and is interesting for its facade with loggias supported by small columns.

Piazza Grande

Piazza Grande is the square of Arezzo and stands on an inclined plane. The Piazza is surrounded by buildings with typical towers and balconies. The elegant Palazzo della Fraternità dei Laici is located here.

Piazza Grande has become world famous for the scene in La Vita è Bella in which Benigni rides his bicycle down the sloping Piazza.

Fortezza Medicea e Palazzo Pretorio

At the top of the hill of the City of Arezzo is the Medici Fortress, from which you can observe the city from above. As you go back towards the center, you meet Palazzo Pretorio. The peculiar facade has numerous coats of arms of people who have worked in Arezzo.

Casa del Petrarca e Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Donato

In Arezzo there is the house where Petrarch was born in 1304. On the top of the hill of Arezzo, there is the Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Peter and Donato.

Arezzo, city of art and good cuisine in Tuscany

Arezzo fully represents the Tuscan culinary culture, with its Chianina meat and Chianti wine and not only. Many artists over time have left their mark in this city and certainly Piero Della Francesca is one of them. It is nice to walk in the streets of the historic center, among fascinating buildings and wineries.

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