Granada, the Andalusian city that combines Spain and its Arab history

An itinerary to discover the cultural and culinary fusion of Spanish land with ancient Arab culture

Granada is
an Andalusian city that lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a unique fusion of history,
different civilizations and cultures, color,
art and music. It is a city full of mysteries and legends, imported with the Arab culture or already existing, which
have been mixed together over the centuries.

experienced its golden age during Nasrid
rule, economically and culturally. From that era date the artistic wonders of
the Alhambra, a UNESCO World
Heritage Site. Granada was the last city to return Spanish with the Reconquista in the late 1400s. The fall
of Granada was celebrated throughout Europe with processions and poems.

Granada is a colorful and lively city that surprises with its nightlife of tapas restaurants to experience the many local flavors, flamenco and lively sociability. In our days, it still retains its historic character and charm and is at the same time a cheerful city, full of places to party and taste local specialties.