Exploring the enchantment of Malaga: exciting trip through culture, history, art and taste.

An itinerary through Malaga’s hidden treasures, from the culinary delights to Andalusian art and culture.

Overlooking the sea,
Malaga is one of Spain’s most distinctive cities. It was the birthplace
of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas and is the capital of the Costa del
Sol, but beyond that it is a vibrant, colorful city with its own party

Malaga is a jewel of
Spain that captivates visitors with its rich history since Phoenician times,
vibrant culture, and breathtaking beauty. You’ll discover a fascinating mix of
cultural attractions, delicious food, and an enchanting Mediterranean

The succession of different cultures is more evident than ever in Malaga: you walk among Arab walls and palm trees, Catholic churches and hidden glimpses, but it also possesses a modern side, such as the modernized waterfront that allows long walks along the seafront, among stores, bars, restaurants and the stalls of a craft market.