From the Tabernas Desert to the Sierra Nevada: a breathtaking trip through desert, nature and historic cities

A culinary adventure among the flavors of the desert and the sea

There are
unique places with an atmosphere and landscape that immerse you in their
particular and timeless nature. The Tabernas
Desert was chosen for these very reasons as the setting for Europe’s famous
Hollywood, where the desert
landscapes and ancient film settings transport you to the Wild West.

From the
desert to the sea from the unspoiled
beauty of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, with its wild beaches, breathtaking vistas and
biodiversity-rich flora and fauna, perfect for nature and water sports lovers.
In this very special area, there are many towns unique in their history,
particularity and charm. Almeria is
a city rich in historical treasures that hark back to the past times of the
Moorish presence in the Andalusian territory.

In Salobreña, a charming seaside village, you can delight your palate with delicacies such as fresh fish, tapas and traditional sweets, surrounded by the beauty of the sea. The picturesque town of Guadix is famous for its cave dwellings, the “cuevas,” built in the distinctive rock formations of the Sierra Nevada.