Seville: a journey through time between thousands of years of history, vibrant culture and typical flavors of Andalusia

The itinerary to discover the fascinating fusion of millennial history, breathtaking architecture and culinary traditions

Seville, the capital of
Andalusia, enchants with its timeless charm, combining its ancient history,
with the culture and architectural beauty that distinguishes it, thanks to the
diverse influences of civilizations that have shaped it over the
centuries. The city’s architecture is a mix of styles ranging from
Roman, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque.

Seville is also a vibrant and lively city that comes alive at night with the music of the Spanish guitar and the sound of flamenco, the traditional Andalusian dance that enchants audiences with its passion and engaging rhythm. With its tapas, wine, bullfights, flamenco, and traditional festivals, Seville embodies Spanish passions.