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Exploring Greece by boat: between crystal clear seas, biking adventures and seafood barbecues

Feb 26, 2024 | Greece

An unforgettable journey among the natural wonders of the Mediterranean and the aromas of Greek cuisine

Greece, a land of myths and legends, enchants travelers with its timeless beauty and rich millennial history. Among its most precious gems are the Saronic Islands, where the enchantment of antiquity blends harmoniously with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Porto Heli and Spetses, starting points for unforgettable yachting adventures, open the door to a world of wonders to explore. From the crystal clear waters of Dokos to the enveloping culture of Hydra, each stop is a journey into the heart of the Aegean.

Through the archaeology of Delos and the Eden of Rhenia, the magic of the Cyclades captures the imagination, while cycling in Porto Heli reveals itself as an authentic adventure. Each route, each ride, offers the opportunity to discover the most fascinating facets of Greece, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and souls of those who dare to explore it.

Welcome to a world of Greek wonders, where the past is intertwined with the present and beauty is manifest in every corner, ready to be discovered and admired. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the lands and waters of one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

The gem of the Saronic Islands: Hydra

Starting point: Porto Heli or Spetses


Explore the crystal-clear waters of Dokos for snorkeling, then immerse yourself in the culture of Hydra with a traditional Greek lunch. Opt for a final swim in Spetses, perhaps with a barbecue of fresh seafood. A unique experience combining adventure and taste in the enchanting Saronic Islands.

In touch with nature: Monemvasia and Elafonisos

Starting point: Porto Heli or Spetses


Explore imposing Monemvasia and its medieval fortress while enjoying authentic local flavors. Overnight in Elafonisos, beloved for its crystal-clear waters. Then continue with a cruise along the Peloponnese coast to return to base. Last stop: the bay of Xilokeriza in Spetses for an unforgettable swim. A trip that combines history, natural beauty and relaxation.

Discover the Saronic Gulf and savor Greek delicacies

Starting point: Athens Riviera


Explore the distinctive architecture of Spetses and its old harbor. Enjoy an authentic lunch at a local tavern. Afterwards, admire the magical crystal-clear waters of the island of Dokos. A travel experience that combines culture, gastronomy and natural beauty.

Exploring the incomparable beauty of the Cyclades

Starting point: Mykonos


Explore ancient Delos, one of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites. Afterwards, enjoy relaxation in the Secret Eden of Rhenia, near Mykonos, with swimming and tranquility on board. A travel experience that combines culture and natural paradise.

Cyclades Weekly: Boat and bike tours

Starting point: Athens Riviera


Day 1: Cycling on the Athenian Riviera

Day 2: Cycling on the island of Andros

Day 3: Cycling on the island of Tinos

Day 4: Cycling on the island of Mykonos

Day 5: Rest day in Mykonos

Day 6: Cycling on the island of Syros

Day 7: Rest day on the island of Kythnos

Cycling is the true exploration of the wonders of nature

Starting point: Porto Heli


Porto Heli reveals itself as a cycling paradise, perfect for exploring by bicycle. This hidden gem of Greece welcomes cyclists with countless opportunities. Its enchanting beaches, breathtaking views and secret coves capture anyone’s attention. Warm Greek hospitality permeates the atmosphere, welcoming visitors into a warm embrace. Each ride reveals a new wonder, a new corner to explore. Porto Heli proves that even a small place can offer an extraordinary wealth of experiences. Here, the beauty of nature blends with history and culture, providing unforgettable moments. Cycling the streets of Porto Heli is more than just a journey; it is an adventure that seeps into the hearts of travelers, leaving an indelible imprint of beauty and serenity.

1. Ride in a wonderful area from Porto Heli to Kilada and Ermioni (40 km-60 km).

2. Get on a bicycle and discover the pure nature around Porto Heli (100 km-110 km).

3. Cycle the road from Porto Heli to Spetses, going around the island (40 km-60 km).

4. Tour Porto Heli by bicycle (55 km-65 km).

5. Ride from Porto Heli to Ermioni to explore the secret beach (30 km-40 km).

6. Cycling from Porto Heli to two secret and magnificent beaches (45km-55km).

Exploring Greece: between boat tours, archaeology and bike adventures

Exploring the wonders of Greece through a boat tour, archaeological visits, and bicycle adventures offers an unforgettable experience. From the enchanting Saronic Islands with their crystal-clear waters and traditional lunches, to discovering the thousand-year history of Delos and Rhenia in the Cyclades, each trip is an encounter with Greek beauty and culture. Porto Heli reveals itself as a cycling paradise, offering breathtaking scenery and a warm welcome.

Boat and bicycle tours in the Athens Riviera and Cyclades allow you to explore the region’s most fascinating and secret places. Each ride, each sailing, brings with it the promise of new discoveries and adventures. Greece, with its rich history, natural wonders and hospitality, continues to enchant and inspire travelers from around the world, leaving an indelible imprint on their hearts and minds. Whether by land or sea, exploring Greece is a transformative and enriching experience, leaving lasting memories and deep emotions.

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