FoodTripGo’s personalized travel itineraries: How it works

1. Explore new places, discover the traditions and flavors of the area you visit

Make your travel wishes known!

Tell us how you dream of your trip, the places you want to discover and the dishes you want to taste, what your interests and preferences are and… request your personalized itinerary!

Let’s draw the journey together

Once we receive your wish list, we make contact with you to design your ideal trip together, between discovering new places and flavors of the area you will visit.

How much will the trip cost you?

We help you work out an estimate of the costs you will face for your trip. We find with you the best solution at the right price.

Travel Tips

We suggest points of interest in the places you want to visit, both on the normal tourist circuits and some special places that are less well known, but of great charm. We recommend ideal stays to follow up on your travel itinerary. We search for restaurants and local businesses that can introduce you to the flavors and culinary traditions of the area you are discovering.

Information and support

provide you with travel materials to direct you to the cornerstones of your itinerary and the local flavors to discover. If you need it, we can also support you in booking access to attractions and choosing transportation.

Enjoy your FoodTripGo gastronomic journey!

Experience the discovery of fascinating and incredible places, discover the culture and local flavors you encounter along your travel itinerary. Eat by discovering, discover by eating!

2. What flavor do you want to give to your trip?

A trip is a collection of unique and varied experiences that fill your day with excitement. What experiences do you want to have on the trip you are envisioning? What do you want to focus on most?


You want to take a travel by eating! The culture of an area passes so much through its culinary tradition, which derives from a rich history linked to its land.

City, monuments and history

You love discovering artistic masterpieces, modern and classical, and the unique history that has passed through that area.


Immerse yourself in the culture of local life, including restaurants, nightclubs and nightlife spots.


Immergiti nella cultura della vita locale, tra ristoranti, locali notturni e luoghi della movida.

Living room

There are those who like the traditional standard hotel around the world as a base camp to set out to discover the land they visit. There are those who like to immerse themselves even more in the culture of the place and prefer an apartment rented by people who live there and who often know how to advise well and care about making people love their land.

Extra activities

Travel should be lived to the fullest and you should enjoy all the experiences a place has to offer. Boat trips and treks, led by locals who love their area, will introduce you to magical places. Local producers and wineries will open their doors to you about their tradition and original zero-mile taste!

3. How to request your personalized itinerary

Complete the online form as completely as possible or send us an email, let your imagination run wild! Then we will contact you back to design your ideal itinerary together.

Food Trip Go asks you for its services 25 chf per day vacation per person, with a possible companion following the same itinerary as you. For example, 8-day vacation: 25 * 8 =200 chf. In case of special requests, we will discuss this at a later stage.

When requesting the creation of the travel itinerary, we ask you to accept the general conditions of the service and a 10% deposit to start the work, which is lost if full payment is not made. All documentation is delivered upon full payment of the service.

Dream Destinations for Your Gastronomic Travel

We have selected some of the most incredible destinations for your culinary travels:

Italy: Land of Flavors

Savor authentic Italian cuisine on the streets of Rome, in the trattorias of Naples and among the vineyards of Tuscany. Immerse yourself in the culinary history of a country that gave the world pizza, pasta and gelato.

France: The Kingdom of Gastronomy

Discover the charms of French cuisine in Paris, try freshly baked croissants and visit Provençal markets. A cruise along the Seine will give you a unique view of the city of love.

Spain: Tapas and Wine

Unique cities like Madrid and Barcelona await you with their lively culinary scenes. Taste the most delicious tapas and sip Spanish wine in ancient wine cellars.

Germany: A World of Tastes

Indulge in the authentic tastes of Germany as you wander the streets of Berlin, taste traditional sausages in Bavaria, and discover the art of brewing in Munich’s breweries. Explore the rich culinary tradition of this country, famous for its bread, beer and variety of regional dishes.

Switzerland: Alpine Delights

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Swiss Alps and their unique cuisine. Savor melting cheese in Alpine huts, enjoy premium Swiss chocolate and discover traditional Swiss cuisine that blends German, French and Italian influences.

Greece: The Land of Olive Oil and Feta

Explore the Greek islands and its fascinating cities, enjoy Mediterranean dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki and Greek salad. Savor extra virgin olive oil and discover the culinary charms of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

Australia: Gourmet Food Down Under

Experience Australia’s modern and creative cuisine in its vibrant cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Enjoy fresh seafood, succulent meats and local specialties such as vegemite. Don’t forget to explore Australia’s wine regions, famous for their fine wines.

Portugal: The Land of Bacalhau

Discover the delights of Portugal, from the streets of Lisbon to the shores of the Algarve. Savor the famous bacalhau (cod) in a variety of ways, try pastel de nata (typical dessert), and immerse yourself in Portuguese wine culture with a glass of port.

Estonia: Tastes of the North

Explore Nordic cuisine in Estonia, with its Russian and Scandinavian influences. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood dishes, traditional black bread, and local dairy products. Estonian culinary traditions will surprise you.

Finland: Cold Weather Cuisine

Savor Finnish cuisine, featuring hearty, comforting dishes perfect for coping with the Nordic cold. Try the famous smoked salmon, reindeer meat dishes and traditional desserts such as pulla (sweet bread).

Norway: The North Sea in Dishes

Explore Norwegian cuisine, centered on fresh fish from the North Sea. Enjoy Norwegian salmon, herring in various preparations and other seafood delicacies. Norway offers unique cuisine in a spectacular landscape.

Ireland: Pubs and Cuisine Heart

Experience the cozy atmosphere of authentic Irish pubs and enjoy classics such as Irish stew, colcannon (mashed potatoes and cabbage), and the famous fish and chips. Enjoy traditional music and warm Irish hospitality.

England: From Cornwall to London

Explore British cuisine, from Cornish pastries to London gin. Sample classics such as roast beef, fish and chips, and pudding. England offers a diverse cuisine that reflects its history and cultural diversity.

Are you Ready to Begin Your Gastronomic Travel?